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About Us

Critchfield Specialty Staffing, Inc. was founded, and is operated by Infusion Nurses. We only employ experienced Registered Nurses that possess an outstanding quality, and uphold the same ethical standards, as well as the same devotion to patient care. Our Infusion Nurses maintain the proper licensure, and have the experience to safely administer high risk medications. They also have the dedication and reliability needed to provide the specialized nursing services with the high standard of quality and commitment that the patient and their family deserve.


Critchfield Specialty Staffing, Inc. staffs Infusion Nurses that provide specialized nursing care through the administration of high risk intravenous medications.



Critchfield Specialty Staffing, Inc. staffs Infusion Nurses that provide the best nursing care related to the administration of high risk intravenous medications through practice excellence, education and health promotion. Opportunities will be provided for all team members to collaborate and strive to foster a supportive, caring and safe professional environment which promotes excellence in infusion therapy.