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Critchfield Specialty Staffing, Inc. is a national staffing agency that specializes in high-tech infusion therapy. We staff physician offices, outpatient clinics, and hospitals with Infusion Nurses that specialize in the administration of high risk intravenous medications.

Our Infusion Nurses specialize in the administration of high-risk medications to chronically ill patients with the goal of providing safe, high-quality services that the patient and their family deserve. In addition, our Infusion Nurses never leave their patients during any infusion, while also closely monitoring their response to the infusion. During the IVIG infusion, our Infusion Nurses start the infusion very slow and carefully titrate up the rate per a specific protocol as ordered by the physician, and as tolerated by the patient. This tight control of the infusion greatly reduces any side effects and encourages the patient to be compliant with their therapy.

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